Employee Attendance Reports

Management Information Reports

The Capture-it time and attendance system provides a comprehensive set of real time employee attendance reports and employee attendance records as standard.

The reports can be produced on demand or automatically at set times. They can be printed, emailed directly to managers or exported in to different file type formats.

Bradford Factor Scoring

Bradford Factor Scoring

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Hours Worked Reports

Hours Worked Reports

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Lateness Report

Lateness Report

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Our management information reports cover attendance, absence, The Bradford Factor, hours worked, lateness, sickness, employee status, holiday entitlement, access control usage, flexitime, job costing, work records, overtime, daily pay and the working time directive.

Sickness Report

Sickness Report

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Working Time Directive Report

Working Time Directive Report

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Daily Holiday Report

Daily Holiday Report

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The Capture-it software utilises Crystal Reports as the report generator allowing customisation of existing or the creation of new reports. The Crystal Reports run-time software is included with CaptureIT.

For an example of our management information reports please click here.

Exception Monitoring

Capture-it can alert you to occurrences within in the system, known as exceptions. These can be for information purposes, such as Capture-it telling you it has applied a rule, or for warning purposes meaning that action needs to be taken.

There are over 100 different exceptions within Capture-it including clocking in late or clocking out early, working too many or too few hours, taking too long for lunch or tea breaks, trying to use a terminal that the employee should not use, trying to enter a job that does not exist or has been completed.

Exceptions Log

Exceptions Log

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Exceptions Alert - Absence

Exceptions Alert - Absence

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Exceptions Alert - Lunch

Exceptions Alert - Lunch

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These exceptions are stored in a log file within the Capture-it software and can be viewed or printed at any time. As an extension of report production the Capture-it software can email exceptions directly to line managers as they occur for immediate action.

You can specify exactly which exceptions you wish to be notified about, meaning that you are only seeing issues that are relevant to your business. Email notifications can be sent to separate addresses based on department or on the nature of the exception.

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