Remote Workforce Management

Remote Clocking In Systems

The Capture-it Time and Attendance System helps you to manage and monitor remote workers whether they are located on a remote site, working from home or out on the road.

For employees working on remote sites a clocking machine at each location would record employee attendance and provide real time clocking detail for administrators at head office. We provide a range of clocking machines including biometrics and proximity. There are a number of options available regarding the transfer of attendance data.

Proximity Clocking Machine

Proximity Clocking Machine

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PC Based Clocking Software

PC Based Clocking Software

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Mobile Clocking In System

Mobile Clocking In System

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For home workers we offer PC Based Clocking Software which is a windows based program that allows employees to clock in and out using a computer instead of a machine. Your business rules and parameters for a working day are applied as normal meaning you can monitor start times, lunch and breaks as if the employee was working in an office.

For employees whose job it is to travel our Mobile Clocking System is an ideal way to record start and finish times and time spent on jobs. Our GeoLocation module can record the exact position of an employee when they clock and displays the information on a map within the Capture-it software. This acts as an important safety feature as employers can trace employee whereabouts throughout the day.

The clocking machines, PC Clocking Software and mobile system can be used together to provide a comprehensive employee attendance management system.

CaptureIT Software

Capture-it Software

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Employee Attendance Calendar

Employee Attendance Calendar

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Employee Work Record

Employee Work Record

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The Capture-it software records the clocking activity of every employee wherever they are and whatever technology they are using. A screen showing employee status can then be monitored by system administrators who can review attendance data and produce comprehensivemanagement reports. These reports can be set up to run automatically and be emailed directly to managers.

The reports are useful for managers who need to monitor the availability of their remote workforce. Exceptions to rules such as employee lateness or a departmental skills shortage can be emailed directly to managers as they occur for immediate attention.

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