Flexitime Monitoring

Flexitime Management System

Flexitime monitoring is a core competency of the Capture-it Time and Attendance System. From the point of view of the manager, administrator and employee we have a range of features that make the running of a flexitime system simple and efficient.

Capture-it can be configured to hold each employee’s flexitime core period, flexible period and contracted hours. Managers and administrators can access real time information on the balance of hours for every employee.

Capture-it can accommodate an unlimited number of working patterns, so part timers and people with unique hours can have their own pattern making it a very flexible and scalable solution.

Managers can be set up as administrators with their access rights set to view information about employees within their department or multiple departments. This can help when allocating resources and planning holidays.

Capture-it automatically keeps track of employees' debit and credit hours, and the amount of flexi leave they have taken. Rounding rules can be defined and viewing an employee's flexi time balance on-screen is simple.

Flexi-time Rules Setup

Flexi-time Rules Setup

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Flexi-time Management

Flexi-time Management

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Flexi-time Report

Flexi-time Report

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Our range of employee attendance monitoring options includes biometric and proximity clocking machines, PC based clocking software and a mobile clocking system. All clocking data is transferred to the Capture-it software and can be viewed in real time for a clear picture of employee status throughout the business.

Employees clocking in using our PC Based Clocking Software can view their own flexitime balance, a detailed attendance calendar and make holiday requests. Flexi leave is an authorised absence that debits the employee’s balance of hours as opposed to their annual leave entitlement.

Proximity Clocking Machine

Proximity Clocking Machine

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PC Based Clocking Software

PC Based Clocking Software

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Mobile Clocking In System

Mobile Clocking In System

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Any members of staff who expect to arrive late into their flexible start time would firstly inform their manager. The manager would then access the software and provisionally book a flexi leave day marking the employee as expected late arrival. Making this booking has no effect on any times and does not prevent the employee clocking in normally. It does provide managers with a clear view of departmental resources and shortages of skills.

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