The Bradford Factor

Definition of The Bradford Factor

The Bradford Factor or Bradford Score is calculated by multiplying the number of days lost due to absenteeism by the number of occasions of absence squared.

Bradford Score = Days x Instances2

The Bradford Factor is a scoring system designed to measure the impact of absenteeism on the business. The disruption caused by frequent short term absences is often far greater than that caused by occasional long term absences.

The Bradford Factor measures an employee’s irregularity of attendance. This gives an indication of what effect and disruption these absences have on the operational efficiency of the company.

Our software can produce a report showing the scoring for individual employees, departments and the business as a whole.

The report is tailored to your own requirements as most companies have their own interpretation of the rules.

Employee Attendance Calendar

Employee Attendance Calendar

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Bradford Factor Report

Bradford Factor Report

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Bradford Factor Scoring

Bradford Factor Scoring

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Employee Absence Management

The Bradford Factor is a proven way to monitor and reduce staff absence. The factor is usually based on the frequency of absence over a rolling 365 day period and is built into the Capture-it Time and Attendance System.

Our software helps you to automatically calculate Bradford Factor scores. Triggers can be set to alert you when a score exceeds certain agreed thresholds that may result in disciplinary action.

You specify which absences will apply to your Bradford Factor scoring and set the point threshold so that any employee exceeding it will be flagged.

This is an incredibly useful tool which can save a large amount of time from an administration point of view, as Bradford Factor scoring is notoriously time consuming to calculate manually.

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