Access Control System

Protect Your Employees and Property

The Capture-it Time and Attendance Access Control and Door Entry System helps businesses to protect employees, equipment and property by restricting access to secure areas.

The System allows you to control the use of doors throughout your building using the same proximity cards and key fobs as you would use with our clocking in machines. This improves ease of use from both an employee and administration point of view.

The system can be configured with specific access rights on both an individual and group level based on which area an employee is permitted to access and the time of day. For example, on your smoking area you could restrict access until break times so no member of staff can enter until the system allows it.

Every instance of access gained is recorded against that employee. An individual’s access activity can be monitored and the system also records attempts at unauthorised access. In such a case, the software can deliver an automated email notification of an attempted access violation to a line manager or administrator.

Access Control Reader

Access Control Reader

Access Control Usage Report

Access Control Usage Report

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Access Control Turnstile

Access Control Turnstile

Access Control Hardware

Our access control readers are designed for reliable and secure access control, data collection and person identification in various environments. The basic housing is internationally registered and suitable for indoor and outdoor usage and can even be installed directly onto metal surfaces without additional insulation.

The unique and vandal resistant design of the access control reader guarantees that the reader can be used in the most demanding surroundings. Its excellent performance and robustness ensures optimal functionality even in harsh environments.

Our access control readers work with Maglocks. If you do not currently have these fitted on your doors we work closely with your local locksmith to fit these for you. They can also install emergency break glass as a safety feature in the event of a fire. On each door you have the choice of a reader on each side or a push to exit button depending on your security requirements.

The Capture-it access control system can work with turnstiles. If you currently have one installed or will be installing one at the same time as our access control we will work closely with your supplier to ensure your installation is professional and that you have support should your system stop working.

Access Control Installation

Our access control system works over Ethernet, with proximity readers located next to each door that you require to be controlled. The Access Control feature in Capture-it works in an off-line capacity. This means that details of employees and their access rights are stored locally at each door and update with the server at regular intervals. In the event of your server being unavailable the access control system will still function as normal.

We can provide a full consultancy service and our engineers can advise you on the best set up for your premises. Together with your local locksmith we can carry out installation of all associated door furniture such as locks, emergency break glasses and push to exit buttons as required.

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