Absence Management

Monitor Patterns of Absence and Produce Bradford Factor Reports

Effective attendance monitoring needs to be underpinned by a clear absence management system that sets out business expectations in terms of attendance and absence and highlights the procedures that will be applied in dealing with both.

The Capture-it Time and Attendance System records and highlights various kinds of holidays, sickness and absences. It allows you to create different allowance types and record both full day and part day absences. It automatically keeps track of remaining holiday entitlement for each employee and shows you how many times they have been absent due to sickness or other reasons.

In addition to managing holidays for individuals, it also enables you to forward plan departmental cover for holidays by viewing the departmental holiday planner. This is a very useful tool for managers and makes it incredibly easy to decide whether an employee can book their preferred dates for a holiday.

CaptureIT Software

Capture-it Software

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Employee Attendance Calendar

Employee Attendance Calendar

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The Bradford Factor

Bradford Factor Scoring

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From each employee’s attendance planner, you can view a specific day or week to view the detailed attendance and absence. You can then edit records and add notes against each day as necessary.

The Capture-it absence management system also includes The Bradford Factor and can produce a report showing the score for each of your employees. The report is tailored to your business policies and can assist during appraisals and disciplinary hearings.

Sickness Report

Sickness Report

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The Bradford Factor Report

The Bradford Factor Report

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Daily Holiday Report

Daily Holiday Report

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The attendance and absence calendar for an individual staff member illustrates their attendance, sick days and holidays. An administrator can view any day or week and if necessary amend individual work records. These records are available historically and into the future, to allow the booking of holidays, training courses, medical appointments, maternity leave and compassionate leave etc.

When viewing the departmental attendance calendar an administrator can immediately view the attendance and absence of a total department in a single screen. This can be printed off and displayed on a notice board allowing staff to view colleague holidays before requesting their own leave.

Proximity Clocking Machine

Proximity Clocking Machine

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PC Based Clocking Software

PC Based Clocking Software

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Mobile Clocking In System

Mobile Clocking In System

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Our range of employee attendance monitoring options includes biometric and proximity clocking machines, PC based clocking software and a mobile clocking system. Clocking data is automatically transferred to the Capture-it software and can be viewed in real time for a clear picture of employee attendance and absences throughout the business.

Employees clocking in using our PC Based Clocking Software can view their own attendance calendar and make holiday requests.

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