Time and Attendance Recording Systems and Software

Capture-it Time and Attendance System

The Capture-it Time and Attendance Software

The Capture-it Time and Attendance System is a flexible workforce management software solution designed to reduce administration and streamline procedures.

The software collects and analyses employee attendance data from a range of time recording systems and provides real time attendance information for business leaders.

Whether you require a simple single user time and attendance system or a client server solution, the flexible and scalable nature of Capture-it makes it the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes.

Capture-it is easy to use whilst being an incredibly powerful feature-rich time recording system. It is cleverly designed with a simple intuitive user interface which allows administrators to quickly become proficient at using the time and attendance software.

Employee Attendance Status

Employee Attendance Status

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Employee Attendance Calendar

Employee Attendance Calendar

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Departmental Calendar

Departmental Calendar

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Time and Attendance Systems - Attendance Calendars, Employee Status & Peer Groups

Within the Capture-it time and attendance system Cost Centres can be set up for separate departments, sites and teams of workers. All attendance and absence data is then displayed by employee or at departmental level in colour coded attendance calendars. This is a very useful tool for managers to see who is clocked in, monitor absences, manage resources and confirm holiday requests.

A computer monitor can be set up in reception and within departments to display the current status of employees. The Capture-it Peg Board is useful for line managers when planning meetings and for receptionists when directing calls.

Our Peer Group module ensures that there is never a skills shortage in critical areas of the business such as security and production line operators. Team leaders have a real time view of available resources for the purposes of safety and planning.

Time and Attendance Systems - Work Periods and Shift Plans

The Capture-it system accommodates a range of Work Periods and Shift Plans including fixed and variable shifts, continental and rotating shifts, overtime, flexitime and annualised hours. Employees working a unique shift or part time hours can have their own specific pattern set up. For employees that work past midnight, or work a full night shift, there are options specifically for that purpose to ensure time is recorded correctly.

Work Periods and Shift Plans also define grace periods which gives you the option of docking employees’ time once they pass a certain threshold of lateness. You also use Work Periods for setting roundings which can be to the nearest, next or previous minute. Capture-it will show the actual clock time, but the employees attended time and pay will be based on the rounded minutes.

Once a shift pattern has been set up the system will automatically know what hours an employee should be working. Capture-it will then apply any rules and parameters associated with that work period. Each employee also has their own work record including the type of shift and salary associated with their job.

Work Pattern Setup

Work Pattern Setup

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Work Pattern Rounding

Work Pattern Rounding

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Shift Pattern Setup

Shift Pattern Setup

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Time and Attendance Systems - Pay Categories and Overtime Monitoring

Capture-it has a feature called Pay Categories which gives you great flexibility in recording how your employees spend their time whilst at work. Categories can be productive activities such as training or non-productive activities such as medical appointments. Pay Categories can be set up to include different payment schemes for different activities, with each category having its own pay rate. Time is booked to pay categories using the function keys on our clocking machines. The Capture-it software automatically maintains a cost database of time and pay per category.

Monitoring overtime is straightforward and Capture-it can include different rates for weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays, or let you create overtime rules based on specific times of the day. There is no limit to the amount of rules you can create and, once created, they are applied to a specific work period automatically.

Weekly Summary

Weekly Summary

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Overtime Settings

Overtime Settings

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Pay Categories

Pay Categories

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Time and Attendance Systems - Fire Roll Call, Link to Payroll and Flexitime Monitoring

In the event of your fire alarm being triggered a fire roll call can be automatically produced by Capture-it showing employee status in real time. The fire register can be sent to a printer or emailed to a web enabled mobile device. This helps your business to comply with health and safety regulations including the fire safety order.

The Capture-it PayLink Program can automatically transfer employee attendance data to Payroll packages such as Sage, Earnie and Pegasus. This helps to eliminate human error and reduce the administrative burden associated with a manual payroll run.

Flexitime monitoring is a core competency of the Capture-it system. From the point of view of the manager, administrator and employee we have a range of features that make the running of a flexitime system simple and efficient.

Fire Roll Call

Fire Roll Call

Link to payroll

Link to payroll

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Flexi-time Management

Flexi-time Management

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Time and Attendance Systems - Comprehensive Management Reports

Our Management Information Reports cover attendance, absence, The Bradford Factor, hours worked, lateness, sickness, employee status, holiday entitlement, access control usage, flexitime, time spent on jobs, work records, overtime, daily pay and the working time directive. The reports can be produced on demand or automatically at set times. They can be printed, emailed directly to managers or exported in to different file type formats.

Bradford Factor Scoring

Bradford Factor Scoring

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Hours Worked Report

Hours Worked Report

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Lateness Report

Lateness Report

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Sickness Report

Sickness Report

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Working Time Directive Report

Working Time Directive Report

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Daily Holiday Report

Daily Holiday Report

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Time and Attendance Systems - Clocking Systems and Time Recording System

Clocking and time recording systems include Biometric Fingerprint Clocking or Biometric Hand Scanner machines, swipe card or key fob Proximity Machines, PC based clocking software and mobile clocking.

You can use one or a combination of our time recording options to cover office based staff, shop floor staff, home workers and remote sites. All clocking activity is monitored from the Capture-it System which is located on your server. The employee status screen shows exactly who is clocked in and how many visitors are on site should you choose to include them on the system.

Proximity Clocking In Machine

Proximity Clocking Machine

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Handscanner Clocking In Machine

Handscanner Clocking Machine

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Mobile Clocking In System

Mobile Clocking In System

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Time and Attendance Systems - Integrated Solutions

Our Time and Attendance System can also record time spent on jobs and shop floor production when you include the Capture-it Job Costing Software module. This provides a complete manufacturing and job activity system supported by a range of Job Costing Hardware and comprehensive reports.

Capture-it offers a built in access control and door entry system that helps to protect employees, equipment and property by restricting access to secure areas. Doors are controlled by using the same proximity cards and key fobs as you would use with our clocking in machines. This improves ease of use from both an employee and administration point of view.

Job Cost Data Capture Terminal

Job Costing Terminal

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Job Costing Barcode Reader

Barcode Reader

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Door Entry Access Control Reader

Access Control Reader

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The Capture-it Time and Attendance System is a complete workforce management solution for the modern business world. You will experience a quick return on investment, reduce administration and save money.

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