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Built into Capture-it are scripts that fire at certain points when saving data to the database.

These scripts can be used to customise the behaviour of the software based your own requirements e.g. catering for a bespoke bank holiday payment rule that only affects certain employees.

This capability comes as standard with the software giving you the flexibility to write your own custom business logic.

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Developers Kit and API

Available for a one off fee is the Capture-it Developers Kit. This includes a comprehensive manual that explains all the functionality that is exposed to developers from the software. An example VB.NET application is included to get you started.

Capture-it has a variety of interfaces to allow developers to write their own software including TCP/IP, COM and WCF. There are also .NET classes to allow you to access the data directly in your application and even post your own clockings from another disparate system.

Included in the reference manual are details on how to write Add-Ins. These give access to all on-line terminal messages received by the Server application to allow custom behaviour when using our on-line terminals.

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All reports supplied with Capture-it are written in Crystal Reports® and can be modified to suit your individual needs. You can use these as the basis to create your own reports or create your own from scratch.

You are free to modify and create your own reports with no additional charge, but you must have a copy of Crystal Reports® installed in order to do this.

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Bespoke Customisation

The world is your oyster with our bespoke development services. We can write software to enhance Capture-it exactly to your requirements.

Our Technical Consultants will ensure that all your requirements are understood and will be on hand to help you install and configure the software on your system.

We offer a full range of development services from Script writing, Add-In creation and Report writing to full custom application development