Our Architecture

Capture-it uses a simple Client-Server Architecture which is tried and tested and has minimal points of failure.

The Pervasive® database software can be installed as either an application or as a service depending on your requirement. Our technical consultants can guide you through the advantages and disadvantages of both of these options.

The database software is usually installed on the same machine as the Capture-it Server although you have the option to install it on a separate machine.

Web Applications

Our mobile clocking in system is delivered via a Web Server to the end user's mobile device. Again this is usually installed on the same machine as the Capture-it Server, but many customers opt to install it on an existing Web Server machine which is in a separate DMZ.

Why Not Cloud Based?

Unlike some of our competitors, we have made a conscious decision not to move to a cloud based architecture.

There are several reasons why cloud based Time and Attendance solutions are a bad idea:

Service Level

Cloud based solutions are reliant on an internet connection, with the data usually being stored offsite. If your internet connection goes down; at best you cannot access your data and at worst you may lose clocking data that cannot be uploaded.

It is worth bearing in mind that an internet provider with a Service Level Agreement specifying 99.9% uptime means there can be up to 43 minutes of downtime each month without breaking their SLA.

When a failure occurs, who is responsible? If your clocking machine cannot connect to the cloud server, it can quickly fall into one party blaming another with nothing getting resolved.

Data Protection

With our solution; you own your data - no question. When we talk about a cloud based solutuion, this becomes much more questionable.

Do you know where your data is? Do you even know which country it's in? Who owns the servers it's sitting on?

If you end your agreement with the provider can you get your data back? What format will it be in? Can you be sure all other copies will be destroyed?


The company hosting and serving your data could be approached by the U.S. government to access and search your data without your knowledge or approval. Current indications are that they would be obligated to comply.

These are all questions you should think carefully about before deciding to purchase a cloud based solution