Job Costing Software

Record Shop Floor Data and Monitor Jobs with The Capture-it Job Costing Software

The Capture-it Job Costing Software records the time that employees spend on individual jobs during the course of a working day and produces real time activity and budget versus cost reports.

Capture-it can cope with unlimited numbers of jobs and tasks meaning it can cope with any new jobs and operations that you add in the future. As part of the setup of each job, it is possible to restrict which employees are authorised to perform the tasks within it. This helps to prevent an employee clocking on to a job that they are not authorised to perform.

There is no limit to the amount of jobs an employee can book on over the course of a working day allowing complete visibility by both time and cost of every activity the employee undertakes while they are at work.

Job Detail

Job Detail

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Job Sequence

Job Sequence

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Employee Work Record

Employee Work Record

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Within the Capture-it job costing software administrators can mark operations as complete. You can either mark the whole job as complete once it finished, or you can mark each individual task as finished as and when they are done. Both these methods will prevent any more time being booked to that job by your employees.

Completed jobs are removed from the administrators view within the job costing software so that you only see jobs that are live at that point in time. However, completed jobs can be viewed or made live again at any time.

Job Costing data is available to view both on screen and via the reporting function. Our job costing software has dedicated reports for an incredibly comprehensive breakdown for each job and employee.

Job Summary Report

Job Costing Summary Report

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Works Record Report

Works Record Report

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Job Analysis Report

Job Analysis Report

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Many of our customers find it useful to record non-productive time for efficiency analysis. Our job costing software makes everybody’s default job as non-productive. This means that all employees’ hours will be shown as non-productive until they log onto a productive job. This requires no intervention from the employee and happens automatically, which reinforces the ease of use aspect of CaptureIT.

The time each employee spends on each job or task is stored in the master job record and also against that employee on their daily work record. Budgetary figures both in time and cost can be entered for each task, with managers being notified automatically by email when a task goes over budget.

Job Costing Data Capture Terminal

Job Costing Terminal

Job Costing Barcode Job Sheet

Job Costing Barcode Job Sheet

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Job Costing Barcode Reader

Barcode Reader

The Capture-it job costing software is supported by Job Costing Hardware in the form of data capture terminals, barcode guns and a standard PC.

For complete workforce management we can integrate Time and Attendance with our Job Costing System. This provides a complete job activity and attendance system which are fully supported by robust clocking machines and comprehensive management reports.

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