Job Costing Hardware

Job Costing System and Shop Floor Data Capture

Capturing job data from your shop floor could not be easier with the choice of our special low cost Job Costing Machines or a standard PC. As well as keypad entry our data collection terminals support the addition of a barcode reader, making the process of job allocation fast and efficient.

The Job Costing terminal is a great solution for all labour costing and shop floor data capture requirements making it ideal for use where a large number of terminals may be required. The terminal can be laid flat on a bench or wall mounted. This makes it an ideal production costing system for manufacturing and engineering environments.

Job Costing Data Capture Terminal

Job Costing Terminal

Job Costing Barcode Job Sheet

Job Costing Barcode Job Sheet

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Job Costing Barcode Reader

Barcode Reader

We can install Job Costing terminals at locations around your shop floor. Most of our customers use the Job Costing Software job sheet function to produce a barcode job sheet. Each barcode is a composite value that includes both job and operation numbers. Once printed off, jobs sheets are typically laminated and then fixed to the wall or put in a folder near the terminal.

Employees then simply key in the job number or scan the appropriate barcode to select a job and move between jobs and operations. When moving from one job to the next your employees’ do not need to book themselves off the previous job.

Job Detail

Job Detail

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Job Sequence

Job Sequence

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Employee Work Record

Employee Work Record

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Scanning the barcode for the new job will automatically stop recording time against the previous job and start allocating it to the new one. To help ensure data integrity, all job and operation codes are verified in real time, meaning that employees can never book to invalid or closed jobs.

A timed relay can be set up with the Capture-it software to sound a bell at the start and end of a shift and at break times.

The job costing hardware is supported by the Capture-it Job Costing Software with administrators being able to view job details, job sequences, produce barcode sheets and run comprehensive management reports.

Job Summary Report

Job Costing Summary Report

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Works Record Report

Works Record Report

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Job Analysis Report

Job Analysis Report

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For complete workforce management we can integrate Time and Attendance with our Job Costing System. This offers a complete production and attendance management system that are both fully supported by robust clocking machines and comprehensive management reports.

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