Job Costing System

Record Job and Labour Costs and Produce Budget Analysis Reports

The Capture-it Job Costing System delivers certainty to your job costing process by providing accurate labour costs for every job. The system helps you to understand exactly how long and at what cost every manufacturing operation was performed.

The Job Costing System is designed to maximise profit by basing new cost estimates on the knowledge of past performance. The monitoring of individual employee productivity helps businesses to get the very best return on their labour investment.

Job Detail

Job Detail

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Job Sequence

Job Sequence

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Employee Work Record

Employee Work Record

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The Capture-it Job Costing Software records data in real time with actual versus budget values for every operation. Email alerts highlight over budget situations and indicate any employees that are not currently booked on to a job.

Both numeric job numbers and job codes are supported and comprehensive reports can be produced to provide a complete picture of overall productivity.

Capture-it is capable of paying employees based on the quantity of work they have done, instead of their attended time. This method of payment is referred to as piecework. If piecework is enabled on the Capture-it Job Costing Software then two additional columns for Standard Minute Value and Quantity will be visible on the work records edit form and the jobs form.

In addition you will be able to specify which of your Pay Categories will be paid using piecework. To enable employees to enter quantities of work via our shop floor data capture hardware you will need the Batch Tracker module. This allows employees to claim batches of work against a job. Employees can be paid based on the quantities claimed. In addition you will be able to keep tabs on work in progress.

Job Summary Report

Job Costing Summary Report

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Works Record Report

Works Record Report

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Job Analysis Report

Job Analysis Report

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Data is captured by using our our Job Costing Hardware or a standard PC. All job operation codes are verified in real time and a barcode job sheet can be produced which is a composite value of both the job and operation number.

You also have the option to use a barcode reader with the job costing terminal making the process of scanning the barcode and clocking on to jobs a quick and efficient process.

A time relay can be set up with the Capture-it software to sound a bell at the start and end of a shift and at break times.

Job Costing Data Capture Terminal

Job Costing Terminal

Job Costing Barcode Job Sheet

Job Costing Barcode Job Sheet

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Job Costing Barcode Reader

Barcode Reader

Job templates can be set up from within the software for repeat jobs and any aspect of any job can be altered at any time. The Capture-it Job Costing System can link or integrate to a range of works order and manufacturing systems such as ERP or MRP.

For complete workforce management we can integrate Time and Attendance with Job Costing. This provides a complete job activity and attendance system supported by clocking machines and comprehensive reports.

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