Web Based Clocking

Clock In anywhere you have access to a Web Browser

The Capture-it Time and Attendance System supports web based clocking. This means that any employee with access to a Web Browser can make clockings, irrespective of their location.

Empower Your Staff and Reduce Employee Enquiries

By providing employees with full visibility of their personal Attendance Calendar, including holidays booked, sickness and other absences, enquiries to mangers and HR are significantly reduced. This saves time and increases productivity.

Employees can even drill down to individual weeks and view their daily and weekly attendance for that week. This is really helpful when checking what hours have been worked, so far, in the current week and again helps reduce employee enquiries.

Web Based Clocking

Web Based Clocking

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Web Clock-In

Web Clock-In

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Web Clocking Attendance Calendar

Web Clocking Attendance Calendar

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Easy To Use Interface

The web based clocking feature is ideal for both office and remote based workers and incorporates an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, from which employees can carry out a range of functions, including:-

  • Clock In / Out
  • Lunch Start / End
  • Break time Start / End
  • Pay Category changes
  • Job Bookings
  • View Attendance History, by week
  • View Flexi-time Balances
  • View Holiday, Sickness and Absences on their Attendance Calendar
  • View which other employees are clocked in (optional)

The functions available can be controlled via the centralised Server, so that your Employees only have the options that you decide to give them.

Integration with Office Based Clocking

Employees using web based clockings have full flexibility to also use other clocking methods, such as office based clocking terminals. This means, for example, that an employee could clock in (on-site) using a Clocking Terminal, before going off-site, where they can continue to make clockings from their web based device.

The converse is also true, where an employee could clock in off-site and then later arrive on-site and carry out functions using a clocking terminal. In both cases the full range of clocking functions is available.

Web Clocking Change Job

Web Clocking Change Job

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Web Weekly Summary

Web Weekly Summary

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Web Flexi Summary

Web Flexi Summary

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Working in Real Time

All clockings are in real-time. This is a real benefit, since the employee is immediately visible in the main Capture-it system, meaning that managers are kept fully informed of their team’s status.

Reduced Deployment Overhead

No special installation is required on the client machine; just use any desktop browser. Our Web Based Clocking can also be used from tablets such as Apple® iPad® or Microsoft® Surface®

Integration with Mobile Phone Clocking

Clockings can also be made using mobile phones. Again, this is in real-time and integrates with web and office based clockings as discussed above. The mobile phone option also offers GeoLocation, which is where Capture-it records the location at which each clocking is made. These can then be displayed on a map. See our Mobile Clocking page for more details.