Mobile Clocking In Systems

Clocking in with a Mobile Phone

Mobile Clocking In Systems

Our Mobile Clocking in System is the perfect solution for businesses that need to record the attendance of employees who work offsite.

The mobile system is a web based tool that enables employees to register their attendance from any internet enabled mobile device that is capable of running a web browser. This includes; a Smartphone including Android, iPhone or Windows Phone; a Tablet such as an iPad, Surface or Galaxy Tab; or a laptop computer.

The mobile system is part of the Capture-it Time and Attendance Software which acts as a personal clocking in interface for every user.

The interface can be used in conjunction with our biometric and proximity clocking machines to record the attendance of your entire workforce.

Employees can register their start time, clock to breaks and lunch, clock on to jobs and register their finish time.

Each employee is allocated a password to enter when clocking in for added security.

Our Mobile clocking system also includes optional GeoLocation. The Capture-it software provides an address and a physical location on an interactive map so that you know where your remote workforce is at all times.

This is an ideal solution for employees who might be working alone or visiting a client’s premises.

Click here to view our frequently asked questions about GeoLocation, to see if you devices are supported and to test your devices for compatibility.

GeoLocation Tracking

Mobile Clocking In System GeoLocation Tracking

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Employee Attendance Calendar

Employee Attendance Calendar

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Employee Work Record

Employee Work Record

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Attendance data from the mobile clocking system is automatically recorded by the Capture-it Time and Attendance Software. The Capture-it software shows the status of all employees and administrators can run attendance reports, monitor absences, register a late mark and take a view of employees clocked in throughout the company or at departmental level.

It is also possible for employees to book time to multiple activities or jobs from their mobile device when you purchase the Capture-it Job Costing Software.

The mobile clocking system can be used with other forms of clocking systems such as our biometric clocking machines, proximity clocking machines and PC based clocking software. This means that all employees can register their attendance based on different forms of technology.

Biometric Clocking Machine

Biometric Clocking Machine

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PC Based Clocking Software

PC Based Clocking Software

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Proximity Clocking Machine

Proximity Clocking Machine

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The mobile clocking system can also produce a WhosIn list showing the current status of all employees. This can be particularly useful at reception as it can be displayed on a monitor.

As 93% of the UK adult population has a mobile phone*, our mobile clocking system is an extremely cost effective and reliable solution for the majority of businesses.

* Source: Ofcom Q1 2015 Data

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