Biometric Time and Attendance System

Biometric Fingerprint Reader Helps to Eliminate Buddy Clocking

Fingerprint Clocking Machine

Our fingerprint clocking in machine is a secure and reliable way of recording employee attendance using biometric technology.

It eliminates buddy clocking as it is impossible for an employee to clock in for a colleague.

To clock in an employee presents either a card or key fob to the time clock or enters a unique ID number. They place their finger on the biometric clocking in machine which verifies the presented finger.

Clocking on a fingerprint reader proves without doubt that the employee registering their attendance is indeed who they say they are.

Verification is the fastest method of recognition as the biometric clocking in machine knows which finger template is to be expected by reference to the card, key fob or unique ID number.

It therefore quickly confirms or rejects the presented finger, thereby ensuring swift throughput of employees at clocking times. The reading and verification of a finger takes just a few seconds.

CaptureIT Software

Capture-it Software

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Clocking Status Report

Employee Attendance Status

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Employee Attendance Calendar

Employee Attendance Calendar

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Attendance data from the fingerprint clocking machine is automatically recorded by the Capture-it Time and Attendance Software. The Capture-it software shows the status of all employees and administrators can run attendance reports, monitor absences, register a late mark and take a view of employees clocked in throughout the company or at departmental level.

There are no human rights issues in respect of employee fingerprints. No image of the fingerprint is stored and the reader measures the electrical conductivity across the reader surface and translates these into a unique number. It is not possible to reverse engineer the number into any form of finger pattern or fingerprint.

The biometric fingerprint clocking machine can be used with other forms of clocking systems such as our proximity clocking machines, PC based clocking software and mobile clocking system. This means that all employees can register their attendance on different forms of technology.

Proximity Clocking Machine

Proximity Clocking Machine

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PC Based Clocking Software

PC Based Clocking Software

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Mobile Clocking In System

Mobile Clocking In System

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On the basis that you have a reliable network we would recommend the use of an online fingerprint clocking machine which offers real time and attendance data and the advantage of an accurate fire register in the event of an evacuation.

If your network is unreliable our offline fingerprint clocking machines continue to record clocking times even if your network or telephone line fails. The machine will store all recorded attendance data and update the Capture-it software when the network connection is restored.

The Capture-it software can produce a WhosIn list showing the current status of all employees and visitors. This can be particularly useful at reception as it can be displayed on a monitor.

The key fobs and cards can also be used in conjunction with our Access Control System.

Biometric Fingerprint Clocking Machines for Remote Sites

If our fingerprint clocking machines are to be situated at more than one remote location each machine would communicate with the Capture-it software via a dedicated telephone land line and modem.

So that the Capture-it software can communicate with each fingerprint reader a modem is also connected to the Capture-it server. The software is then configured to automatically dial in to the remote machines at predetermined times.

Data can be transferred from an offline machine every minute ensuring that the information administrators are viewing is up to date and accurate.

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