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Time Recording System

Our Clocking Systems are perfect for businesses that want to electronically record and monitor employee attendance and produce real time reports. Collect attendance data using one, or a combination, of our clocking options including biometric and proximity clocking machines, PC based clocking software and our mobile clocking system.

The Capture-it time and attendance software records all clocking activity and displays employee status including who is clocked in, late, absent, on holiday, out of the office or in a meeting. A complete working record including hours worked, overtime, absences and late marks is stored for every employee.

CaptureIT Software

Capture-it Software

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Employee Attendance Calendar

Employee Attendance Calendar

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Employee Work Record

Employee Work Record

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This information is monitored by system administrators who can review attendance data and produce comprehensive management reports. These reports can be set up to run automatically at certain times of the day, week or month and be emailed directly to managers.

The reports are useful for managers who need to monitor staff availability and resources. Exceptions to rules such as employee lateness or a departmental skills shortage can be emailed directly to managers as they occur for immediate attention.

HR teams can use these reports during disciplinary hearings as the Capture-it software includes a complete audit history of clocking transactions, hours worked and absences including The Bradford Factor scoring.

Bradford Factor Scoring

Bradford Factor Scoring

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Hours Worked Reports

Hours Worked Reports

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Lateness Report

Lateness Report

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All attendance information can be transferred automatically to your payroll software to automate the process and reduce administration. Our specialist PayLink Program is ideal for finance teams that spend days every month calculating wages and producing salary information.

A computer monitor can be set up in reception and departments to display the current status of employees. This is useful for line managers when allocating resources and for receptionists when directing calls.

Our clocking systems are used within all industry types and are extremely reliable and cost effective. Many of our customers have used our software and clocking machines for over 10 years with no issues.

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