Time and Attendance Systems - Clocking Systems

Clocking In Systems and Time and Attendance Software

Vizual are leading UK suppliers of Time and Attendance Systems and Clocking Systems designed to ensure employee attendance management is automated and cost effective.

Our solution encompasses Time and Attendance Software, Clocking Systems, Clocking Machines, Job Costing Data Capture, Door Entry Access Control and Payroll Software.

Each of these can be integrated meaning that our system can provide a complete solution for attendance monitoring, absence management, data collection, time management, labour costing, holiday planning, resource planning, security, health and safety and payroll management.

Combined with flexitime monitoring, an automatic fire roll call, automated data transfer links to payroll and comprehensive management reports you will experience a quick return on investment.

We also provide professional services that are tailored to your business including planning, configuration, installation, training, bespoke reports and dedicated support.

CaptureIT Time and Attendance - An effective system for accurate recording of employee attendance with comprehensive management reports Clocking In Options - CaptureIT supports clocking options including Biometrics, Proximity, Web and Mobile Device Access Control - Improve security in protecting employees and company assets by restricting access to secure areas Link to Payroll - Save time and reduce the risk of human errors by transferring attendance data to your chosen payroll software automatically Flexitime Management - Access up to the minute information on the flexi balance of your staff with our accurate and efficient system Job Costing - Understand, with confidence, exactly how long and at what cost every operation was performed and maximise profit Automatic Fire Roll Call - Produce a real-time fire report for use in a roll call and comply with Health and Safety fire regulations Analytical Reports - CaptureIT provides employee attendance reports as standard including lateness, overtime and holiday Customer Support - Dedicated support helpdesk, remote desktop access and clear user codes

The CaptureIT time and attendance system provides a real time view of the status of your entire workforce including attendance information, absences, job activity, resources and door access. Any exceptions to company rules such as clocking in late or a job going over budget are flagged by the software and can be emailed to managers for immediate action.

Our range of employee attendance and data collection options include Biometric Fingerprint, Biometric Hand Scanner, Proximity Machine, PC Based Clocking Software, Mobile Phone Clocking, Access Control Readers and Job Costing Terminals.

These are all reliable data capture methods for recording employee attendance, monitoring job costs and controlling access. All data is automatically transferred to the CaptureIT time and attendance software for the purposes of analysis and reporting.

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